I will never be a film star!

Don't fall over laughing - no, I changed my mind - it's fine to fall over laughing. Shooting yourself (which I am ready to do) without another person to deal with the camera is not only a learning curve, it is a TIME CONSUMER. This is about 3 days worth and I am totally not going public with it -- it's a run-through and at this point, I can't remember what it says or doesn't say. And you will hear all the noise when I move the camera down. ARGH. It's the real me (as my mother used to say).

BUT - it's only for you, my blog readers because it's a practice piece for a new video editor. (they are all awful, IMO). Not dressed up, no makeup, and in need of a haircut, this is the way I am in a classroom and I simply don't know how to be a "buttoned up" teacher or anything else. What you see is what you get. Have fun!

Oh, you should know that I have not been able to decide what the first thing I teach should be, so you can help me out here. This link will take you to the list of workshops on my website, although it probably needs updating. Let me know in the comments what catches your fancy and which ones you'd enjoy taking on line with me. It will help me make some decisions on where to start. http://www .studio78.net/workshops (and I don't need a critique on this video. LOL)

Thanks and I love you!


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