Did you get yesterday's post??

Glitches galore and I spent two hours on the phone with Wix tech support this morning. Some problems solved, others still quirky. But if you get this one, let me know by email

r.gillman@studio78.net or text 973-454-8930, or do some skywriting. I think the comments box is back sort of where it belongs, but you have to scroll down a bit to find it and leave a comment so I know it is working.

The day was pretty much a waste because I was going to work on my e-classes - but that didn't happen because I was on the phone for several hours.

To distract myself from this nonsense I baked another semolina bread. Yesterday's looked beautiful but tasted blah. Bad recipe. Today's was a repeat of the first recipe I had made. Tasted great but didn't rise much because against my better judgement, I followed the directions.. Today, made that original recipe and ignored the instructions, letting it rise twice and doing some stretches and folds (on the dough, not my body). Came out looking lovely and I will have a slice with dinner (soup?). Not in the mood to cook.

The hurricane missed us and went north. My daughter Hilary still doesn't have power - the whole of Northern NJ is out.

I am boring myself to death writing this, so I can imagine how bored you must be reading it (if it arrived).

More tomorrow, I hope.



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