a break from the studio

First of all, it has been raining nonstop in West Palm Beach, so yesterday I chose not to leave the house (well, it's an apartment but I call it a house because I live here). The studio is also an apartment, so I can't call them both by the same name. BUT I DIGRESS.

I was home anyway and It has been too long since I have baked bread. I have had a jar of sourdough starter ripening for what seems like a week with not much action. Day before yesterday when I came into the kitchen, it had overflowed the jar and was all over the counter. Yeccch - what a mess. It was ready to use.

If you've baked sourdough you know it is a process. Add flour and water, leave for 4 hours and then into the fridge for overnight.

Next day, add more flour, knead, and leave for more hours, stretching and folding the dough every hour. Shape, let rise again, and finally - BAKE!

This loaf came out looking very pretty, so it was worth all the time. The other loaf is not as pretty so I sliced that one first. The sourdough flavor is wonderful - the best I've made. And there is a nice open crumb. This went into the freezer. I will take it out next week when my daughter Jessica arrives for a visit.

Now I am done procrastinating and will get back to work. The studio is calling.

xoxo R

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