remember me??

It has been a rather busy couple of months. After I got back from London I was off to Oregon to teach in Medford for the regular guild and in Ashland for the modern guild.

When I got there, I smelled what I thought was skunk. But no-oooo. Hemp and pot fields, ripening for harvest.

Anyway, I had a great time and my visit was a treat on several counts. First, the local hotel had two floors and had given me a room on the second floor. Ordinarily, fine. Except that this otherwise lovely hotel had no elevator and I had a 50 pound suitcase. Fortunately, Carolyn, the workshop chair had a gorgeous home with a guest suite so I went home (unexpectedly) with her. That was a treat for me because she was delightful and I really enjoyed spending time with her. What were we laughing about???

Also, since my cousin's daughter lives in Medford and I have not seen her since she was in college, I got to spend an evening with her, her husband and their great two grown kids. Bonus!! We went out for sushi in Jacksonville, OR -one of the cutest towns I have ever seen. Fell in love with this wall - but I am a sucker for old advertising.

Finally, my really big treat: I got to stay with my old friend Patricia Smith, who now lives in Ashland. It was wonderful. And she is wonderful. I owe her a thank-you package but have been dealing with STUFF since I got back. I suppose STUFF is what makes life interesting - but I could do with a little bit of boring. LOL.

Speaking of boring... I have been working on these triangles for what feels like a lifetime. I had something put together and then realized it didn't work, so I apart the parts that made it look super-blah. I have been auditioning this with a variety of backgrounds and that will be my next decision. I think I've gotten triangles out of my system for now.

This little baby is done, except for the facing. I think it's about 11 x 14 or some such. It needs a name. What does it make you think of?

You may remember that this is how it started.

I have been writing this for 3 days, between doctors' appointments and other non-negotiable appointments, So for now, time to take a break and continue in the next post.



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