Fun in Paducah

Ahhh...what can I say? I landed Tuesday and can't believe it is already Friday. I'm on vacation - hanging out with Helene and Bob Davis in their beautiful Jefferson Street Studios. I came to laugh, to find inspiration, and to sew -- and I'm doing all three things.

The day I arrived I had to go to Hancock's to buy muslin, so we went straight from the airport. I love using muslin in my work. Although a lot of my recent work uses white, I really don't love it. I'm much happier with the soft look of unbleached muslin -- maybe because when I started quilting in 1974 that's what I used. I have three yards, which should last me for a while.

We've been sewing in the gallery because I am allergic to the cat, who lives in the studio. I brought a pile of ethnic fabrics with me so I could keep working on my triangle piece, but it may have to wait until I go home because I couldn't bring everything!

The joy of working in the gallery is looking at Helene's gorgeous fabrics (of which I already have too many - some dating from 2005). Here are just a few she recently dyed.

And I couldn't stop browsing the wall with Helene's gorgeous work. Here is a display of her 12" x 12" artwork that is selling like crazy and are not only beautiful but reasonably priced. I love them in pairs or in groups of three or four.

I didn't think I needed to buy more fabric but Helene insisted we needed to make a return trip to Hancock's because I needed some lights. So off we went and I went up and down every aisle in the place looking for what I needed. Found quite a bit.

Of course, I also bought some fabrics which I didn't "need," but which jumped up and waved to me. As my father used to say: "what does need have to do with it?"

When I got home I washed the tons of fabric I had purchased and Bob very kindly offered to iron them for me in the mangle. I had always wanted to see how a mangle worked. Now I know. Wish I had one.

It's late and if I want to put in another day at the sewing machine, I had better say good night to my computer -- and to you.

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