Found on the freebie table

I mostly don't bother looking on the "I don't want it, you can have it" table at the guild meeting because I don't need one more block, book, or spool. But last weekend I spotted a pile of unused traditional blocks on the giveaway table. Hmmm...this is a Modern Guild so I can understand it.

Did I want them? No. But I couldn't leave them there because I knew that somebody would want them. But since I do not know a single somebody who needs 17 traditional blocks, I had an idea. Spread the wealth!!!

With that, I offer you a challenge! Since you are so creative, I offer you the opportunity to get creative with two blocks from this lovely stash which somebody gave up on. I stuck them randomly on my design wall and they are really quite nice. Let's see what eight of you can do with them.

Here's the challenge:

1. Leave me a comment with the word improv in it to alert me that you'd like to give yourself a creative challenge. **You can leave me a coment anyway, just without the word improv if you don't want a block. LOL

2. On Saturday, May 25th I do the random number generator and eight of you will get to play.

3.The winners send me your mailing address and I'lI send you two random blocks. THEN:

- Take a "before" photo of both blocks together.

- Cut them up (preferably without a ruler), add whatever fabrics you like, and make an improv modern mini quilt, square, in any size between 12" x 12" and 20"x 20"

You have to use both blocks. The result should have recognizable amounts of the original fabrics, but you don't have to use every last smidgen of them in your new mini.

- Take an "after" photo of the finished piece and send it to me, along with the "before" photo. DEADLINE: JULY 2 (when I get back from teaching surface design in Grand Junction, CO).

We'll have an exhibit on the blog and it will be such fun to see what you have all done! So - get inspired to play and leave me a comment!

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