Postus interruptus

So sorry this is long in being posted. I had started to write on March 10 as I waited for my flight. But later that day, when I got home from teaching at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, my cousin Mimi had passed the point of hope and I spent every minute with her until she died in her sleep this past Sunday night.

Here is what I started to write:

In the Indy airport bound for home after five days in Bloomington — with snow! Despite the fact that this is not my favorite weather, the warmth of everyone here has been great!

Teachers got a first walkthrough of the show, where we each were able to put a Faculty Recognition certificate on our fave. My choice should be no surprise.

Spectacular use of those beautiful fabrics—especially the shiboris. One I wish I had made.

In my three improv classes, the word I heard most from primarily traditional quilters was “fun!” Despite the fact that it was a stretch for many of them, there was lots of laughter. I think the color class was the biggest challenge because they had to use colors they did not like. But they learned that when thy combined them with colors in their comfort zones, magic happened.

At the end of the day I passed out squares of what I consideded a butt-ugly fabric and challenged them to use it. Look!

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