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Surrounded by art in both home and studio, I have nevertheless been lacking in inspiration for the last few months. I have stayed away from the studio for the better part of a week, but this morning I saw a shadow on my diningroom wall that caught my interest.

A reflection of the sun coming through the window blinds on the opposite wall. Hmmm...

What if I took a photo of the actual blinds on the window? Another hmmm...

and what if I turned the photo into black and white? Another hmmm...

Then I remembered a photo of blinds I had taken in 2003... and realized that I had a ton of photos taken over the last 18 years with a common element that has somehow crept into my work and remains (subconsciously?) a strong influence.

Have you looked at the images you have saved -- either photos you've taken or images you have found? And is there a common element running through them? What inspires you or has (consciously or unconsciously) found its way into your work in some manner? Line? Shape? Color? Or something else, like an emotional response or something you are reminded of when you see that particular visual?

Maybe you haven't thought about it. Take a look at pictures of your work and see if there is something that runs through a number of your pieces. Then, share it with us, if you wish. It's always thought-provoking to peek at someone else's inspirations.

Lunch - and then off to the studio to see what develops.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, creative year ahead!


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