why I don't fly with a sewing machine

This time was an exception because my daughter doesn't sew and I couldn't imagine spending a month without sewing. So I packed my little Brother into my carry-on and flew north from the Palm Beach Airport.

Today I am flying out of Newark. I have been TSA precheck for years, so I don't have to take off my shoes or my jacket. I wrapped my sewing machine in bubble wrap and a sweatshirt, put my laptop into the bag, and headed for security. Oops! They stopped my red bag. "It's a sewing machine," I said. Unimpressed, the took the bag off the counter and said they had to inspect it. They said they couldn't see it because my laptop was next to it.

As they reached for the machine, I yelled "NO! You'll never get it back in." So she took out the laptop and ran the bag through again. Disaster avoided.

This time it was fine, but I am not going through this again. I had flown with a machine twice before and one time, no problem. The second time, they took it out and opened it up. But third time is it!

I headed for the United Club, since I was here more than 2 hours early. It is a pleasant place to be. Food and drink.

And outside the glass enclosing the club, a Thing that rotates and changes color and images. Not rotating at the moment.

I was originally on a 4:30 pm flight but yesterday I got a text from United saying that because of bad weather predicted for Newark, I could change my flight at no cost. Yay! I am now scheduled to leave at 11:30 this morning and if there are no delays, I should be home mid-afternoon instead of tonight.

For now - back to the table for more late breakfast...

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