quilt zen

While Friday's improv rectangle class was a creative challenge in terms of value and composition, Saturday's "Go Fly a Kite" class had less of a learning curve and was the perfect way to relax on a weekend day.

Crista, who loves to work in black, gray, and white, came into class with yesterday's quilt -- finished!!

And here's what was on the wall today: a consistent palette!

The photo doesn't really do justice to the monochromatic neutrals.

Yes, the no-ruler cutting was new to the people who hadn't taken the first class. And yes, they were hesitant at first. As much as improv is a tenet of modern quilting, there are still a lot of modern quilters who have only ever used patterns, rulers, and strict 1/4" seams. For some of the people in class, this was a breakthrough -- and they loved the no rules-no rulers approach.

While there are lots of dfferent ways to set the individual blocks, most people will leave that till they finsh all the blocks. Meantime, here are some of the experiments and in-process pieces on the wall when the class ended.

Rebecca also decided to work in a monochromatic palette, which is vey effective -- especially effective with the printed background.

Pam was asking herself "what if?" and played with printed, solid, and a two-color background, which could be very cool as a finished piece. The all-solids on the bottom right has a more modern vibe, but they all work!

Margy loves her brights and the black sets them off so vividly. The smaller pieces are left from what wasn't working for her in the first class and she intends to integrate them with the larger blocks. I look forward to see how she combines them all.

And finally, here is a photo of Lenny and me with her colorful blocks on a gray background. Scattering a few neutral blocks is a great idea. She had such fun cutting for the first time without a ruler and I think she's hooked:-).

The others left before I had time to take pictures, but I hope to see photos of the finished work at some point.

Today, I am in. My rental car has a flat tire and they can't get me another car till tomorrow. No spare tire! Don't rent from Budget - ever!

And on that note....

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