random quilt post

I'm not sure if the quilts are random, but yes -- the posts are on a random schedule. That is, no schedule. Ha - that's my life. I have mentally divided my days into mornings for chores and afternoons in the studio. I usually stay until I'm hungry for dinner (or until the daily afternoon rainstorm is over) and evenings I mostly put my feet up and read. Such an exciting life!

Next week I am going to teach at Quilt Wyoming. One of the things I'll be teaching is no-pattern paper piecing (aka improv paper-piecing). I've been making examples for class and I must admit I'm loving it. Here are some of the samples on my wall.

I have plenty of others but wanted to work with all solids. Just picked up random scraps I had lying around and went to work.

(Notice that there is only one line of stitching to rip:-)

Sometimes there are two, but that's not bad, either. Three's my limit when I paper piece but I try to avoid it.

Yesterday I finished quilting the piece that was on my wall in the last few posts. Went through many permutations -- a lesson in (what?) process? composition? indecisiveness?? In the end, I knew what it needed. Now it is the third in my leftover triangle series from the quilt I took apart.

I made the first two in July, 2017 when I was in Paducah a year ago, visitng my friend Helene and having a sew-in. Sewing therapy! Cheaper than the other kind and a lot more fun!

The fabrics in this quilt all happen to be Malaysian batiks, with one Indian batik and some solids thrown in. Yes, I'm on a triangle binge and an ethnic fabric/modern quilts binge. And I'm likely to be working with one or the other for a while.

Do you ever go through periods when you're into one particular thing and then you're onto the next obsession? LOL.

What were you into that you are so done with? Or what's got you going now??

Happy July 4th to those of you who are celebrating it!

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