design inspirations

Before I left the hotel in Austin I had to take a photo of the carpet. Yes, it's crooked (the photo, not the carpet) but both the palette and the graphic design spoke to me.

In fact, I am somewhat of a hotel carpet junkie. These days, they are a long way from the ugly, flowered hotel carpets of yore. (remember??) I have a collection of photos and even used one of them as inspiration for trial blocks that didn't get used. But I had to experiment. Here are a few I have phtographed through the years. Some of the colors leave something to be desired, but these are just design inspirations - jumping-off places.

On Monday, before I went to the airport I was treated to a wonderful exhibit, Ancestral Modern, at the Blanton Museum of Art. I took a few pictures but mostly I was busy reading the stories and admiring the art. If you can get there, please don't miss this splendid Aboriginal Art.

This is a small part of the painting but I think the palette is beautiful and I love the juxtaposition of the sinuous snake shape with the linear plants and background.

I find the repetition of the shapes absolutely hypnotic.

And this is my favorite in the exhibit.


For me, there is a wealth of inspiration in the lines, colors, and shapes in both the carpets and the paintings. Does anything here grab you?? Which one and why?


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