Two fun days in Austin

It's midnight on the east coast and I just got home from Austin - via Houston. Tried to blog on my iPad but this app doesn't work on ios very well, so I'm starting again.

Day One - Modern Quilts from Old Blocks.

While the results weren't all "modern," they were certainly updated. Ugly/unwanted/leftover blocks were transformed by people who had never cut up their blocks before. While not all of them were put into modern context first time out, they became mini-quilts that are waaaaay better than the originals, and a lot more fun to look at! I wish I had taken “before” pix:-(.

Done and ready to layer and stitch. The butterfly fabric lends a whimsical touch!

This one in a modern setting is on its way and I can’t wait to see it finished. Susan made great use of negative space and limited palette.

Day two: Modern String Quilts - “Go Fly a Kite.”

This was a new way for people in the class to use up all those pesky leftover strips from other projects. Starting with a square and randomly cutting off a corner, the blocks emerged — and none of the resulting quilts will be exactly alike. If you know my book, you recognize these blocks. However, some people used really dark backgrounds and light strips, others used printed backgrounds - the variety was wonderful — and this was a relaxing, “therapy sewing” day for the students.

While I couldn’t get close enough to get good photos of what the Modern end of the room was doing, this will give you an idea of other ways they played around (what if?) with different settings.

The light blue one on the right had already been turned into a baby quilt by Monday!

What blew my mind was the varied way people used their blocks! Vivian

wanted to make a pillow, so here is hers. I have to admit I would never have thought of this layout. Drama!!

Now I'm looking forward to seeing photos of finished work!

All in all, a happy experience which left me dying to get back into my own studio and play. Now that I'm home, I will be there this afternoon.

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