rainy season

It's wet in South Florida. Yesterday, we got caught in a vicious downpour with high winds and a funnel cloud. Fortunately, we were on our way in to Whole Foods to buy a couple of vegetables. What we hadn't bargained for was being trapped in Whole Foods for an hour as we waited for the storm to pass. Unfortunately, we were forced to spend time in the gourmet cheese department and a few other aisles with items I didn't know I needed until I saw them. LOL - $81 later, I still can't think of a better place to be trapped during a storm - can you? I spent the rest of the day cooking: Mark Bittman's fabulous and easy braised artichokes,

and some baked ziti to put in the freezer. What else was I going to do in the pouring rain? I would have baked but was too tired at the end.

Today I was in the studio - unglamorously unpacking boxes of dyes, paints, and art supplies and trying (in vain) to arrange them happily on the new shelving in the closet. Never enough space. Then I started to unpack books...the less said about that, the better. Some will have to come back home to my apartment.

Finally, I left all of that and gave myself some playtime in the studio. Two quilts are still in process of being quilted and one of them is still on the sewing machine, where I expect it will languish for a while. Here's a smidgen.

Then I was looking through my STUFF for some blocks I could use as samples for a class I am teaching, and I found leftovers from the other piece I started to quilt a couple of weeks ago. Remember these improv paper-pieced blocks? I had four more of them.

I put them on the design wall with a "what if?" and here's what I had. Hmmm... possibilities? What do you think?

I still have a bunch of triangle scraps but I had no newspapers in the studio, so I brought a few bags of scraps home, planning to spend the rest of the evening sewing. But it has been a long day so I will see what tomorrow brings, besides more rain.


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