I should buy stock in Home Depot

I have been there every day for the past week - sometimes twice in one day! Am I done?

This morning's run was for the following items.

  • a new fixture for the studio to replace the ancient (ugly) colonial chandelier over the mid-century DWR Zero kitchen table and orange chairs from my NJ kitchen.

The industrial look should work just fine -- especially for $29.

As long as I was there -- I bought replacement a for the hall fixture in my apartment so I can actually see what is in the pantry -- and...

  • New exterior dorknob/dead bolts for both apartments - with matching keys so I'll have only ONE key that fits both the house and the studio. How efficient!!

  • White primer/paint combination for my porch at the apartment because I think this is something I can do myself. The already-painted and somewhat water-stained paneling has been here since 1979 (or maybe earlier) and it's time for a facelift.

It has stopped raining. I am out on my porch, enjoying the plants I bought yesterday.

The purple is some kind of Lavender plant and I can't remember what the yellow is. I want to hang it but there is no hook in the ceiling. If it turns out to be sheetrock instead of concrete (like all the other ceilings in these buildings), I may hang a hook - or hang it on my studio porch, where there is one. Oh, how I wish I still had those macramé plant hangers I made in the early 1970's when I lived in Boulder, CO. Those were the days.

Two more things:

  1. Forgot to mention that at yesterday's SFMQG meeting there was an exhibit of mini quilts. Here is Linda's. She told me how much fun she had making itand I thought her use of pastel fabrics was unexpected and interesting. Though you can't see it, she used variagated thread on the white fabric. Nice!

2. I LOVE the new switch just inside my entry door that connects remotely to a living room lamp so that when I come into the house in the dark, I can do this nifty trick to turn it on.

The original wall switch on the right turns on the dim(next on the replacement list) fixture over the dining table but it was never wired to the lamp outlet. My grandfather would have said that a plumber installed the lighting in these apartments! I concur.


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