It was one of those days.

You know the kind -- when it starts out wrong and goes downhillf from there. As you know, I moved to Florida about eight weeks ago. Today I found a letter from my healthcare carrier threatening to end my insurance if I didn't verify my new address. After an hour on hold, settled.

Moving to Florida will cost me more than $100/month in premium increases because of all the old people (of which I am one, I suppose). Sigh... but my prescription insurance went down by $4/month. Yippee - what a deal!

This afternoon I had an appointment to get my Fla driver's license and the security getting into the gov. building was ten times worse than the nastiest airport security I had ever been through. Of course, since carrying concealed weapons in this state is legal apparently everywhere but in government buildings, they have to scan for those. My Birkenstocks (which don't set off TSA machines) set off these scanners and I had to turn around and get wanded. My butt???? What did they think I was concealing?

All this, just to get a driver's license - which I didn't get. I have scar tissue in my right eye, so I flunked the eye test and told them that glasses don't help. Now I have to get a doctor to sign a piece of paper saying that glasses don't help. Then, I can get a license. OK, fine. That makes sense.

On the positive side, I did register to vote. I'll deal with the license and the car registration eventually.This is Florida (our mantra on the roads where nobody signals, people run red lights and stop on green, and drive either 20 mph or 80 mph and not much in between.

The one bright spot in the day was that I sold a quilt to someone who saw the photo of it in my book and fell in love. The buyer thought it was perfect for his mid-century modern home. I agree.

Tomorrow my daughter Hilary arrives for the week. And on Saturday, Jessica, Tommy, and Miss Emma will be here. Our seder will be the second night of Passover this year. My chicken soup and brisket are already cooked and in .the freezer but there is still a lot to do:matzo balls for the soup, etc etc. Cooking for this holiday is a joy, but a bit of work. There will be only seven of us but you would think I was cooking for the ten tribes. Can't help it -- habit and tradition.

Since Passover and Easter Sunday coincide this year (of course, the last supper was a seder) everybody is probably doing a lot of cooking this week.

What's the traditional favorite in your family's dinner? Happy holidays, whichever you celebrate this weekend.

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