cleaning my oven at midnight?

Yep. I thought it was time to see if the self-cleaning part of my range works.

Nothing else around here self-cleans, and my live-in help (guess who?) is about to give notice. But tomorrow is my day off, so I may reconsider after a break.

I have a tiny kitchen, compared to what I had in NJ (below) - but it is very efficient.

The oven is self-cleaning as we speak. I can't open the window to let out the fumes because the screen is broken and the little lizard-y creatures will come in to visit. Not in the mood for visitors tonight. The pots on the sill contain basil and mint - my two must-haves. My ginger plant died of sadness when it was leaving NJ, so I have started again. These are on the porch, sprouting away. Photos of those on another day.

But I digress. My favorite part of the kitchen is my spice rack on my counter, thanks to the Container Store. I had to buy two of them because I have so many spices, and all 40 jars are filled. I had to make my own labels for some because I have spices they don't have labels for. Kalonji, Hing, Mustard seeds, Cardamom pods, Amchur, Fenugreek and Hing, to name a few. In NJ I had a pull-out spice cabinet but I could never find anything because they were in random jars and tins and my live-in help never put them back in alphabetical order. But here, it's easy and I can SEE what I have.

Enough of this idle chit-chat. I spent a few hours this afternooon at the studio, sewing together my new favorite quilt top. I have a commission from someone who said "make me a quilt you think I would like." That's the only kind I will take because I can make whatever happens to come together. What fun! Now I have two options to show -- both incorporating experiments from my book.

The oven has another two hours to clean itself, but I can wait until morning to see the result. It's nice to have but I could probably survive without it.

For me, the spice rack is my favorite, my Nespresso machine my second fave, but I couldn't live without my garbage disposal.

What are your two favorite items in the kitchen? What could you not live without?

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