Quilts and more quilts

I really did not take many photos, compared to most other people at QuiltCon. But here are two of my favorites -- followed by my picks of the fabulous and moving quilts in the Youth category.

The exhibit across the way from the main hall showcased remarkable quilts made by children -- or at least, young people. Here is one about the maker's family that I just loved. Deliciously whimsical, isn't it?

Then there were the quilts on social justice that were from one particular school. I couldn't take pictures of the Trayvon Martin quilts or the "I can't breathe" quilt. But here are two that highlight the sad fact that our children today have to live in a world like this.

Finally, the show-stopper that many people felt should have gotten the "best in show" award. Yes, made by a young person.

So much for social justice.

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