up for air

Hope you'll forgive my silence; I've been buried in cardboard boxes! Too much stuff, too little space, and many trips to Goodwill later, we are starting to make a dent in the unpacking after three weeks. Not one single room in this apartment is clutter-free, but one side of the guest room is getting there. Do not ask to see the other side - LOL.

Phil has been here to help me with the heavy lifting, but he is leaving tomorrow to go back to New Jersey for a month. Meantime, we have finally started to get my much-awaited studio space into something that might pass for usable. In NJ, I had a large studio outside of the house for printing and designing, and a small sewing room at home. Here, I have one space to combine everything, so I will have to be creative with layout and storage.

I took this photo a couple of days ago, when everything looked hopeless.

By today, it looked a tad better - albeit a temporary layout (already reconfigured once) until I get everything unpacked and stored. Ha! At least in theory, I can sit down and sew.

Waiting for the handyman to get back to me with an estimate for building shelves in the hall closet, as well as in half of the bedroom closet. And waiting for the electrician to get back to me; the light is worse than dim and there are not enough outlets.

Meantime, here is a place to store my fabric bins (at least some of them). I rather think I will need a second one. But that will have to wait until Phil comes back in early March.

In the meantime, I have a quilt that needs to be re-faced because I washed it (I never wash my art, but this was a bed quilt) and forgot that I had fused the facing instead of having sewn it down. OOPS. And I have two that need to be completed: one that needs a facing and one that needs to be quilted. These have been sitting around for a year.

I suspect that I had better take care of all of these before I start something new. This is the perfect excuse for me to sit down at the sewing machine as soon as I have unpacked my threads -- maybe next week.

How many things do you have sitting in line, waiting to be finished?

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