return to the scene of the crime

Fast forward to Sat morning, after I had dined so well at Pappadeaux. When I wanted to make a purchase at Market—no credit card. oops! had I dropped at the restaurant? back I went. They searched and searched - no card. So I called the bank and told them my last purchase had been the night before at Pappadeaux.

"You mean you didn't buy $60 worth of donuts at Shipley's at 1:30 this morning?" I am still laughing. I mean, if you had stolen a credit card wouldn't you buy something more expensive??

I went back for dinner that night with my friend Annie and told the manager the story, then suggested to the waiter that maybe they could comp me a drink.

We had a lovely dinner. Here's Annie with her colorful, exotic drink.

and here are my oysters on the half shell... my appetizer. I won't bother with the rest of the pictures, but dinner was fabulous. If you are in Houston, don't miss this place, which is attached to the convention center.

When the bill came, it was shocking! They had charged us only for the drinks; the rest of the meal was on them. A happy ending to a not-so-happy story. My new card is probably in the mailbox.

Next post - quilts at Market and a few from the exhibit. Stay tuned.


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