sneak peek at a hard copy

So I finally got to my house about 2:00 this morning, what with flight delays out of Denver yesterday. I slept right through an appointment, which I have now rescheduled for next Monday. Presumably, I will be back in my own time zone by then.

I had plenty of time to read All the Light We Cannot See, while we were in the air -- and I finished it this m. Truthfully, I was not overly fond of it -- it was painful to read and I found myself turning the pages to avoid the worst parts. I will say that it was well written, but it is a relief to get back to a British police procedural later today.

Speaking of books...

I'm pretty excited that a hard copy of my book arrived today

I've been too busy to read it and the front cover is pretty much available to see on my website (where you can order a signed copy) C&T's website, Amazon, and other places. But this is the first time I am seeing the back cover, which is a nice surprise. Here's a smidgen, just for you.

Was so tired that I didn't feel like cooking. Besides which, the ground beef I had rescued from the freezer was still like a rock. Fortunately, I came across a recipe for comfort food that required about 2 minutes of my time and then it just cooked itself. Basically, pasta fagioli (pronounced in New Jersey as pasta fazool). If you ever don't feel like making a whole production, here is the website and the recipe. I thought it was fabulous!! Still have a bit left for tomorrow.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. I suppose my ground beef will have defrosted by then and I won't have an excuse.

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