an inside look at Facebook NY

What a fun day! Had lunch with today's birthday girl - was going to take her out, but Facebook provides their employees with such fabulous FREE gourmet meals that we ate in. The cafeteria was mobbed so we went up to the 15th floor, which has lovely Indian food and is a lot quieter, so we could talk.

Jessica actually works at Instagram, but it is part of the Facebook family, so they are in the same building. IG's space is visually a lot more laid back and quiet, so I mostly got a tour of Facebook's funky space.

While I waited in the lobby for Jessica, I could see this graffiti board through the glass doors. It was only the beginning. There is art everywhere. More, later.

Facebook & Instagram people work very hard -- often staying till 9:00 at the NY office. Workspace is open plan: this is typical.

On the plus side, they have a lot of fun and there are lots of perks to keep them happy. Little alcoves all over the place, if they want to take a break. Notice the chess set. Somebody left a game in progress.

A child-sized conference room if you bring your kid to work. Emma has spent time here.

There's a space with funhouse mirrors, a hideaway behind a secret door, and more.

Food and drink all over the place. They have happy hours periodically. Now THAT's a nice perk.

As I was heading for the door, Jessica asked if I wanted to take a snack for the road. I didn't, but loved the idea of it.

Art is everywhere, as I said earlier. Here is a cheerful space to brighten your day as you walk around. I wouldn't be surprised if the decorations changed periodically.

A Facebook elevator.

I'm not sure who has time to take advantage of the art classes there, but somebody must! Painting, printmaking, drawing, and all kinds of other things - you can sign up for classes. There is yoga, too - but not in this space, obviously. Ha - maybe I can sign up to teach a quiltmaking class.

This is just a bit of what is on a big, long wall.

When you look closely you can see that it is made of photos in kaleidoscope format.

And there is lots more, but my phone was running out of battery. The roof garden looks like the High Line and is a great place to escape and relax -- or to have a group meeting.

Somebody was being funny with the Exit sign. But look at that skyline!

A selfie to remember the day by. It was an education!

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