My box of goodies arrived today!

Not edible goodies -- and nothing glamorous -- but ones I am happy to have home. A carton of sample blocks and bits for my book was on my doorstep when I got home today. Still in every plastic bag, sorted and numbered so they went in the right places, they don't look like much. But they are the backbone of my book and you'll see them in November when Create Your Own Improv Quilts is slated to appear.

Now I am happy that I can take them out of their little packages and use them to inspire some new work. No time this week - but maybe on the weekend.

This has been a hectic week and continues to be nonstop.

Last Saturday night, my daughter Hilary had her 50th b.d. party -- a week before her actual birthday. I loved it -- I hadn't seen her friends from college for - uh - you can imagine how many years. They all looked fabulous, as did the birthday girl. Here I am with my two girls -- Jessica on the left and Hilary in the middle. (a bit grainy, since it was dim in the restaurant - but oh, well). They are a day apart (but not the same year).

Yesterday a doctor's appointment to see about an issue with my knee - followed by an x-ray. Today, an MRI. I don't remember ever having had one before. Noisy, but not unpleasant. Followed by a much-needed haircut!

Tonight, I had to cook the wild-caught bay shrimp and the asparagus in my fridge before they all got up and walked away. The NY Times cooking app has so many fabulous recipes and I made two of them.

Yucatan shrimp and grilled asparagus with capers, lemon, and goat cheese.

It is no more trouble to make something delicious than to make something boring, and the day ended on a good note.

Tomorrow/Thursday, into the City to visit Facebook NY offices and take Jessica to lunch for her birthday. .


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