surface design and sewing machines

No, these two don't necessarily go together unless you are sewing together pieces of cloth you have printed. I haven't done that in a very long time, but it's on my to-do list again because I have an idea I'd like to explore.

Surface design

Clearing out piles of stuff in the basement, I came across some wadded-up fabrics from my printing days. When I washed and ironed them, a few were worth saving. All of them were screen printed with my beloved construction fence -- something I started using in 2000 after I was captivated by the design possibilities.

This is my favorite of the rescued bunch. Everything I printed was (and always will be improv -- just as my quilts are improvised. Looking at this, I now realize I threw away some of the things I printed with -- I can't take EVERYTHING, after all. But that's ok.

At some point, I will work with this piece of fabric.

I like this one, too - but it might need another layer somewhere.

And here is a section of a silk scarf I had printed and forgotten all about.

Sewing Machines

Who among us doesn't have more machines than he or she can possibly use?? Last year, my NJ Modern Quilt Guild did a survey to see who had the most machines (usable or not). It was pretty funny. I think I had eight at the time. Now I have more.

I always wanted a Featherweight. (Well, not always,but long enough that it seems that way). About 20 years ago I saw one at a house sale and before I could put my hand on it, a dealer had spirited it away. Grrrr...

I have always envied my students who came waltzing into class with their little beauties - machines that looked so cute as they hummed away. Last year, just before I headed north, I picked one up for a reasonable price and brought it back with me. Ahem - it has been sitting here in the case for five months because while I worked on my book I had no time to play.

Last night, I finally got it out of the case, plugged it in, and threaded it. By that time, I was too tired to sew. And today, I had to finish getting my tax stuff ready for my accountant. Phew! Done! emailed off to him - and now I can steal some time to see how my little Featherweight works. I must admit, it is way heavier than I had expected -- but it is a pretty little thing.


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