A wonderful week in Brittany

I'm in London now, staying with my dear friends for a few days. Caught up on my sleep last night and am now ready to talk about my wonderful experience teaching at Clos de Lande Vallee in Pont-l'abbe. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are a few. 

The area is lovely.

The food was divine, from start to finish. And our hosts, Apostolos and Anne (to his left) were totally charming.

Then, there was the class.  Some of the participants had never before cut fabric without a ruler, but discovered that it wasn't so bad:-).

Sally, for one, was thrilled with the result of her totally improvised, no-ruler piece.

Everyone was busy making new work - and discoveries.

We worked with rectangles and a limited palette in colors we didn't care for and saw that they worked.

And the class had some fun transforming ugly blocks I brought for them to do something with.  I gave everyone a block like this:

and here were some of the results... Anne with hers.

Annie & Rejane with theirs

Maryse, above, with hers.

And while I didn't get them all, here are a few more...

We talked about composition, which is a challenge when you improvise.

Esther played with space, layout, and color for her blocks.  Here they are in process.

And here is the final comosition, which made her very happy.

With feedback from the others in class, Rejane played with a few layouts. I look forward to seeing the one she decides on when she finishes her piece.

That's all for now.  I'm posting on my iPad and it is much less user friendly than posting from my computer.  Now, my friends Marlene, David, and I are off to dinner and the Old Vic.

hugs to all,


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