working hard or hardly working?

Both, depending on what time it is or what your point of view is. Right now, bleary-eyed and mushy-brained because it is already Wednesday (technically) and I am still in my sewing room.

I'm finished with the quilt for Usha (Handloom Batik) and just have to put on a sleeve. That's tomorrow's job. Next up, putting a facing on this gray quilt that I reinvented from a butt-ugly block. It has been sitting around for a year, waiting for me to be in the mood to do the boring part.

Then, I've been playing around with all the random no-pattern/no lines/no numbers paper-pieced blocks I have made so far. Every time I rearrange them I see something different. This time I grouped them by common centers and see that there may be two (small) quilts in the cards. Now know what I need to do as I make more blocks. Can you see it?

It is, as usual, past my bedtime.

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