new website, new blog, and a content question

I was an early adopter of blogging; been writing since January 2005. I used to blog pretty much every day -- last thing before I went to bed. It started as a "thinking out loud" thing but in no time, took on a life of its own.

Lately, I've blogged less often: partly because I've been super-busy and partly because I have had no time to do my own work - and nothing to share. Now I'm back to playing in the studio a bit - hooray!

I've also decided it's time for a change. My website was getting tired and needed a facelift and my blog was looking as cluttered as my sewing room.

The website is ready but I'm still working on my blog. Will let you know when they are both ready to go!

On the content of blogs: I attended a panel discussion recently where quilters talked about blogging. One makes her living from her blog, another designs fabric, and there were a few who teach and sell what they make.

Some write their posts months ahead of time and auto-schedule them to appear daily or several times a week. Others (like me) are in the moment and sit down, write, and post right then - whenever they can.

Most of them said they had made the decision to keep it strictly a quilt blog -- not mentioning a word about their lives or families because they thought it was not professional. OTOH - they all talked about engaging with their readers.

Frankly, I think that life, creativity, and the work we all do are intertwined. I'm interested in how you view blogs. What do you think? Should I keep on blogging about whatever strikes me at the moment? Or should I be serious and professional and just stick to quilts and making quilts?

I really want to know - so leave me a comment. I'm still working out the kinks on this blog, so I'll be glad to know somebody is reading it.

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